History of Miller Drilling Company

Miller Drilling Company was established in 1959, when Robert H. Miller purchased the business from his Father. Bob (Robert) with the help of his wife Marie ran the business for approximately one year, it was just the two of them. From 1959 to 1969 Miller Drilling Company only drilled water wells. During this time Bob knew that eventually the water well drilling business was going to slow down, and Miller Drilling Company diversified and started in the pump installation and pump repair business. With the growing support from the community Bob & Marie kept the company very busy during the earlier years as they drilled wells and installed pump systems for many developing property owners throughout San Luis Obispo County. Through hard work and word of mouth the business grew. Bob and Marie supported the local children of key ranchers and local business owners with their 4H and FFA projects annually to give back to the community and network to grow the business. As the business grew they added two key employees, Kurt Bollinger & Robert Close. Between the two they grew the business to cover not just San Luis Obispo County but branched out into Santa Barbara County & Monterey County and continue to operate today in all 3 counties.  Bob and Marie retired in 1992 and turned the business over to Kurt Bollinger and Bob (Robert) Close. Bob and Marie remained as owners of the company but just turned over the day to day operations at that time. In 2007 Bob Close retired & in 2022 Kurt Bollinger retired.


In October of 2017 Bob & Marie Miller sold the company. It is still operating as Miller Drilling Company and will continue to operate under that name. The business was purchased by Cari and Eric Thomas of Templeton, CA. Cari was an employee of Miller Drilling for 3 years prior to the purchase and Eric has been in different facets of the pump industry since 1992. Cari & Eric are very excited to be involved as owner/operators.  They hope to succeed in growing the business with the same traditional values in customer service and supporting the local community in which they live and operate their business today.